Urban planning design of civil and industrial facilities

Urban planning (with the right to design for urban rehabilitation of areas of historical development, with the exception of scientific and restoration work on historical and cultural monuments) and planning, including development, of:

  • Localities and inter-settlement territories (objects and communications of external transport located outside the road network of localities)
  • Planning documentation (complex schemes of urban planning of territories - projects of district planning, general plans of settlements, projects of detailed planning and projects of development of districts, micro districts, blocks, individual sections)
  • Water supply schemes for localities with the placement of sources of drinking and (or) industrial water and tracing of water pipelines, as well as water supply schemes for industrial complexes located on inter-settlement territories
  • Heat supply schemes for localities with the placement of objects for the production and transportation of heat energy in the development system, as well as heat supply for industrial complexes located on inter-settlement territories

Technological design (development of the technological part of projects) for the construction of agricultural facilities, with the exception of processing industry enterprises.

Construction design (with the right to design for major repairs and (or) reconstruction of buildings and structures, as well as strengthening structures for each of the following works) and construction, including:

  • Metal (steel, aluminum and alloy) structures
  • Concrete and reinforced concrete, stone and reinforced stone structures
  • Foundations and subfoundations

Architectural design for buildings and structures for the first or second and third levels of responsibility (with the right design for architectural restoration, except for research and restoration work on monuments of history and culture), including:

  • Facilities master plans, engineering training areas of improvement and relief organizations