Technological design

Technological design (development of the technological part of construction projects) of industrial facilities, including:

  • Barriers, dams, and other hydraulic structures
  • Tower and mast type structures
  • For lifting and transport devices and elevators
  • For the medical, microbiological and pharmaceutical industries
  • For the energy industry
  • For the processing industry, including the light and food industries
  • For heavy engineering

Technological design (development of technological projects of construction) of buildings of housing and civil purposes, including:

  • For transport infrastructure (intended for direct public service) and utilities (except for buildings and facilities for servicing vehicles, as well as other industrial and household purposes).
  • For pre-school education, general and special education, boarding schools, training institutions, research, cultural, educational and entertainment institutions, trade enterprises (including pharmacies), health care (treatment and prevention of diseases, rehabilitation and sanatorium treatment), public catering and consumer services, physical culture and sports activities, leisure and tourism, as well as other multifunctional buildings and complexes with premises for various public purposes.

Technological design (development of the technological part of transport construction projects), including:

  • Street and road network of urban electric transport
  • Bridges and bridge crossings, including overpasses, and multilevel transport interchanges
  • Means of communication railway transport
  • Highways of all categories

Technological design (development of the technological part of construction projects) of transport and communications infrastructure facilities, including maintenance of:

  • National and international communication lines (including satellite) and other types of telecommunications.